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We are completing two decades of working in this profession, profitably, year after year, and are aiming for BIG, bright future in coming two decades with clarity of goals and objectives! Our road map to success, has several milestones, and in an interdependent world. We are also thankful to the support we received from the ecosystem to nurture our growth in fiercely competitive market. Here is brief summary of who we are, and what we do!

From Hobby to Profession

Applied Bioscience is one such exciting, young and FOCUSED company established in 1993 dedicated to serve the needs of its customers in the fields of molecular biology, proteomics, immunochemistry, cell culture, molecular & cancer diagnostics, regulatory compliance standards & controls, and plant tissue culture brand in India.

Applied Bioscience was formed by a group of highly skilled, vastly experienced and motivated professionals who now form the senior management team. The team is supported by high calibre sales professionals and engineers in the major cities of India. We are currently using SAP ERP & CRM systems, and ISO 9001 2000 certified organization.

Applied Bioscience is engaged in the distribution of quality/innovative products, technology and services from world leading manufacturers chosen carefully for their brand value and strength of the company. Applied Bioscience has thus assembled a portfolio of products and services that provide customers latest technology and products from overseas countries backed by excellent service. In this short period the company has built a strong name, a focused customer base and an efficient distribution network. You may also visit our LinkedIn Profile and send an invitation to connect with us from there.

  • We are supplier and support system to Pharma, CRO, Biotech, Molecular Diagnostics, Plant Tissue Culture, Research Entity in the Life science market.
  • Our strengths are focus, integrity, experience, talent, humility, network, relations with “Key Opinion Leaders” and attitude for serving to small customer base. We are “great company”, not a BIG company.
  • Our specialties are taking up challenging tasks, and operating in niche market segment.
  • What makes our business unique, is we are not in a race of becoming big player by running faster in the crowd, rather we are great at running alone in the path less travelled, and exceed expectations of principals, and customers.
  • Why are we the best at what we do is because we work for the suppliers, much better than their own employees; and give the customer more than they can expect from manufacturer; and develop the career of our staff through the culture & HR system prevailing in our organization that is rare to find in our Industry.